Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Ninth Day of Christmas – Is Gordon Gay?

The ladies are dancing; to accompany them today we have two Spotify playlists. The one for today's theme is here and as usual in words in the first comment. The 'Party' playlist which is an open list that people can contribute to is now up to 36 tracks, thanks to all those who have added some. I would be thrilled if people would add more tracks. What song will really make you move, even if you can't get up and walk, what will make you hum, sing, jiggle or otherwise feel the music? Are you a salsa person, did you have to 'do' the Gay Gordons or Dashing White Sergeant as a child at school (probably wearing your daps/pumps/plimsoles)? I am not known for my dancing but I have had my moments, perhaps I should add dancing to the list of things I will reprise. This day really needs to be one for exercise after the excesses of the season, time to get a wriggle on. Remember you still have time to practice your Scottish dancing for Burns' night later this month.


  1. Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
    Kasabian – Ladies And Gentlemen (Roll The Dice)
    Zac Efron – Ladies' Choice ("Hairspray")
    Flight Of The Conchords – Ladies of the World
    The London Community Gospel Choir – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
    Destiny's Child – Hey Ladies
    Les Misérables - Original London Cast – Lovely Ladies
    Kiss – Ladies Room
    Kool & The Gang – Ladies Night
    Ray J – Sexy Ladies
    Jethro Tull – Ladies
    Various Artists – Ladies in Lavender
    B-Sykes – Greek Ladies
    Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark
    Abba – Dancing Queen
    Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself
    John Mayer – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
    Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling
    Frida Hyvönen – Dirty Dancing
    Rise Against – Dancing For Rain
    Rhythms Del Mundo – Dancing Shoes
    Antony & The Johnsons – Epilepsy Is Dancing
    Meryl Streep – Dancing Queen
    The Kinks – Come Dancing
    Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing

  2. Here's a little something I feel I need to share - at my school we did dancing in bare feet and a thing we called a sack. These had to be made by sewing together two regulation sized rectangles of plain cotton in a pastel colour, leaving holes for arms and head and three buttons on the left shoulder to facilitate the getting in and out thereof. We had to buy wool in the same colour and twiddle up a cord to make a belt. I think our teacher (who was very old) was a fan of Isadora Duncan as we had to do "being a tree" and such like. Come along now gels!

  3. I took dancing lessons - ballroom and latin. At the time it was a chore but how I wished I'd carried on now! My poor feet aren't up to it any more but I so love watching Strictly and dreaming...

  4. Yes I totally agree with easternsparkle.. I loved ballroom dancing as a child, don't know why on earth I gave it up. Got my Silver medal in Ballroom & Latin, and then I think I found boys and all other interests were left behind...

    But now I am old and grey, I have decided I NEED to add in some sort of movement in my life next year, not at all sure about a gym, so I have decided to take flamenco lessons instead. And I think all that stamping and posturing can only do me good in releasing all those pent up emotions we all have!


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