Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Tenth Day of Christmas – Pub Cricket

We have Lords a leaping. I love cricket; therefore Lords is inextricably linked to the game. I am as happy with a beach game, village cricket or a county game; sadly I've never been to a Test match but have watched hours of it on TV. I am also rather fond of a good pub, with excellent food and a great atmosphere. One of those games to try and break up the miles travelled by car is Pub Cricket; which also ties in nicely to the legs theme running through the last few days.

My quest today is a mini review of a pub, including the number of legs in the pub name, so where have you been, what's the nosh and atmos like and what score will you declare? We can then have a little County Championship. If there are enough responses I might create another map.
The playlist for today's post is here with the list in words in the first comment.

Update as at 20.36 using the DFL [Duckworth/Farctum/Lewis scoring method] - full league table and methodology will follow!

Forgot to do you an update to the legs quest yesterday but for the record we are now up to 548 legs delivered. I now have four declarations of the correct answer.


  1. Guano Apes – Lords Of The Boards
    Rob Zombie – Lords Of Salem
    Job For A Cowboy – Lords Of Chaos
    Lords of the Underground – Here Come The Lords
    D-A-D – Lords of the Atlas
    Clutch – Four Lords (and one more)
    Celtic Lords – Lord of the Dance/Earthjig Reprise
    Joe Satriani – Lords Of Karma
    Joy Division – Day Of The Lords
    Aquasky – Lords Of Motion
    Wayne Wade – Lord Of Lords
    John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – Leaping Christine
    Spaceship Eyes – The Mystery of the Leaping Fish
    Meredith Monk – Braid 1 and leaping song
    Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis – Leaping On Lenox
    Leo Parker – Leaping Leo (10-04-47)
    Kevin Volans – Leaping Dance
    Songs For Children – Twelve Lords A Leaping
    Humphrey – Leaping
    Crown Prince Waterford – Leaping Boogie

  2. Don't often go to a pub but we do go to our local for lunch occasionally. It's OK. However, it presents me with a problem when it comes to the legs, because it is The Douglas Bader.

  3. Hmmm I'm desperately going through all my favourite pubs in my heads and they are all called after inanimate objects!

    I shall have to go pubcrawling again....

  4. We don't often go to pubs either!When I was younger I frequented a pub called the Mops & Brooms in Hertfordshire which is in keeping with your housework theme!

    I love cricket tho' and have been to a Test match many years ago - sadly the last day and the play lasted about two hours, but it was a great experience!

    Jaydubblah - surely Douglas Bader had tin legs, didn't he??

  5. btw in checking out about pub cricket on Wiki, it seems there are various variations...

    Are we playing any of these?

  6. Eh, what's all this about then? I'm Stumped! Well, a pub to try in Essex when Out for a Drive, is the beautiful 'Punch Bowl' - A stunning Tudor Inn that has welcomed many a fair Maiden. Fabulous food, wine and a warm welcome are assured - this is a real 'All-Rounder!'

    As for legs... far too many to count under the tables. Tee-hee (groan).

  7. Look what I just found

  8. ah, jaydubblah, but where's the mini review?

    Cos without the review to prove I have been there, I can field the Twenty Church Wardens for a leg count of 40...

  9. Oh sorry, do we have to have been there? Better make me 12th man then.

  10. But I HAVE been to the Crab and Lobster at Asenby in N Yorkshire.

    A fabulous place to eat when we went oh, 10 years ago, but the reviews are still very very good.

    The fun thing about the C&L was the whimsy of the bar area, everything you might find in Aunty Wainwrights Junk Shop... all the chairs and tables are not only different but squished in with stuffed owls, bits of brass, lace shawls, all dark and atmospheric with table lamps around shedding pools of light.

    The bar when we went was the place to eat if you couldn't get a table in the restaurant. But the bar was always full so you had to be prepared to wait. At a bar that groaned with bowls of olives, spicy sausages, and other nibbles, you have to pace yourself if you aren't going to fill up before your table is ready.

    So go there now, and tell me if it has changed...

    I am declaring 20 legs (the claws are modified legs according to wikipedia)

  11. I'll have 300,000 for The Beehive at Horringer near Bury St Edmunds. 50,000 bees, each with 6 legs.


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