Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Fifth Day of Christmas – 5 Gold Rings, four on two planks, three legged race, two in a sack and an Inter Village Blood Bath

This is the Fifth day of Christmas, traditionally a line in the song that allows a break while you sing out Five G –old rings, take a deep breath and then run on with the rest of the words. In the UK of course 5 Gold Rings in 2010 and beyond will be focusing on the London 2012 Olympics. Where I used to work in the North Cotswolds there was a tradition of Robert Dover's Olimpick Games, at Dover's Hill near Chipping Campden; including shin kicking and other cider fuelled activities. If you are a regular follower of the blog you will know that in the past I have been very involved in village activities and one of those is the Inter Village Games.

The Inter Village Games involve 10 North Suffolk villages, some with no sports facilities of their own, competing in a range of events. They range from traditional sports day type activities to, four on two planks, two in a sack, slow bike, wheelbarrow race (with real wheelbarrows) and egg throwing. In 2010 Dennington will be the host village, in the past the games were known by our local St John's team as the Inter Village blood bath. If you want to see the calibre of the sportsmanship look here http://www.nearthecoast.com/laxfield/index.htm at the entry for ' su 17 ju 2007 ~ Final day of the Inter Village Games at Laxfield, Suffolk'.

Your challenge today: I am always on the lookout for new sports activities or fund raising ideas for fetes etc. What is the best sport or fund raiser you have ever taken part in; not necessarily for the amount it raised but for novelty and fun?

Forgot to add earlier - 5 gold rings = no legs therefore today only another 20 legs added.  We are now up to 60 legs delivered so far.


  1. The playlist in words for those without spotify
    Sting – Fields Of Gold
    Neil Young – Heart Of Gold
    The Stone Roses – Fools Gold
    Kanye West – Gold Digger
    Sway – Silver & Gold
    Abba – Ring Ring
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion
    Neil Young – After The Gold Rush
    Spandau Ballet – Gold
    The Dolly Rockers – Gold Digger (Radio Edit)
    Chipmunk Feat. Emeli Sande – Diamond Rings
    Nic Raine – Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship
    Roy Orbison – Rings Of Gold

  2. I'm liking that there is lots of Neil Young in today's play list feels like it would go well with cider at the village sports event......

  3. When my boys were small, friends and I used to hold an old fashioned bazaar for Children in Need. We used to canvas the neighbourhood with leaflets asking for good quality donations and we made things like peg bags, slipper bags, tea cosies(yes we used teapots!!)and knitted toys. It wasn't particularly exciting or adventurous but we enjoyed ourselves - epsecially when we had the menfolk dressed up as cartoon characters!

  4. Went off on a flight of fancy so you can read my comment Here

  5. Grethic,

    For the Dennington Inter-Village Games 2010, how about petanque (boules) as an event.

    Its one of the 5 fastest growing sports in the country at present as people are looking for a cheap inexpensive team sport to compete in.

    There is a large Suffolk Coastal Petanque League in existence who can help.

    E-mail me at imogenlewiskira@sky.com for more information.




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