Friday, 25 December 2009

The First Day of Christmas – A Squirrel in a Pear Tree?

Welcome, thank you for coming to my party. Mwah, Mwah. Here, wellies and coat? I'll take those. Take a glass of bucks fizz and come through into the lounge. The fire is crackling, sit yourself down. How was your lunch, what did you have? I do hope you enjoyed it, or if you haven't eaten yet I hope you will enjoy whatever you are having later. I was thinking about that partridge in a pear tree, it wouldn't make much of a meal and that made me think………. I've actually eaten squirrel in a Pear Tree, it was part of a game pie and the Pear Tree in question is a pub. So, by way of an ice breaker;

what is the strangest thing you have ever eaten and where?

Spotify playlist for today's post is here If you have an 'other half' who read Jackie magazine ask who they put on their wall; this list will suit some down to the ground

By the way, today 2 legs arrived.

Not sure what any of this is about – go to the Christmas Eve post which covers the basics – there is a prize on offer.


  1. Aww - i don't eat strange things :( I had venison once that was from a deer shot by a friend (in the US), that was sort of strange.....<:-)

  2. I'm the sort of person who is prepared to try anything once when it comes to food - that said, the opportunity doesn't seem to have presented itself much. Eaten roadkill pheasant and home skinned rabbit but the oddest thing I remember making was a tea and lime sorbet.
    First picture on my wall (why other half?) was Bobby Vee and I loved The Night has a Thousand Eyes. Sounds like the spotify might have been my sort of list - any Gene Pitney in there?

  3. I don't eat very odd things I reckon... probably the most unusual was bear that I had one winter in Finland. Good but very gamey.

  4. The strangest thing I ever ate was in my own kitchen, and was an experiment I don't advise anyone repeating, ever.

    Scrambled eggs with sugar.

    YUCK!! lol! (I was quite young at the time, is my excuse....)


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