Friday, 18 December 2009

Illustration Friday - Undone

A quick drawing for Illustration Friday with the theme of 'Undone' – not sure if I was thinking 'Undone', as in the crab's situation, the pot lid or not cooked; probably covers all three. As a child we used to go to a village called Beer in Devon, where crabs were regularly caught in pots and brought back to be cooked by the fishermen's wives; with many tales of them escaping from the pan. How many of the tales were true and how many to alarm small children I don't know.

The Spotify playlist is one I created earlier in the year when we had been crabbing at Walberswick.


  1. For thise that don't have Spotify - the playlist

    Humphrey Lyttelton – Suffolk Air
    Michelle Pfeiffer – (The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs ("Hairspray")
    Toto – Hold The Line
    Weezer – Crab
    Kings Of Leon – The Bucket
    Dido – Sand In My Shoes
    Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming
    Coldplay – Swallowed In The Sea
    Bad Manners – Teddy Bear's Picnic
    Doreen Carwithen – Suffolk Suite: IV. Framlingham Castle: Alla Marcia
    Chrome Dreams - CD Audio Series – Sleepless In Suffolk

  2. what a fun interpretation!

    When I was young we would have lobster & crab races. Always sad when the adults turned them into dinner

  3. very nice - lovey and simple, great work


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