Wednesday, 23 December 2009

You are all invited to the 12 Days of Christmas Party – Be Careful What You Wish For

A change of avatar today; I am sending out the final batch of virtual invitations. Please come to my virtual 12 days of Christmas Party #12DCP. The first post, to set things up will be on Christmas Eve and then every day for the 12 days of Christmas. Each day you have a comment published will create a draw entry and at the end of the 13th day I will announce the winner. If you haven't already done so please let me know who your +1 will be, if you are bringing food or drink, or create a room design, invitation card, Christmas decoration; anything at all to set the party atmosphere. Oh and the party playlist on Spotify is here please feel free to contribute.

For now I am Santa's little helper …..

I will pass on messages to Father Christmas with requests for presents, but only if they pass a simple rule. What would you like to request that he brings you? Can you work out what the rule is? Put your request in a comment and I will let you know if your message can be passed on.

The Spotify Playlist for today's post is Be Careful What You Wish For


  1. The playlist for those without spotify
    Ricky Martin & Madonna – Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazón)
    zebrahead – Be Careful What You Wish For
    Nealon – Be Careful What You Wish For
    Johnny Winter – Be Careful With A Fool
    Paramore – Careful
    Texas – Careful What You Wish For
    Barbra Streisand – Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen - Live In Concert
    Stacie Orrico – Christmas Wish
    Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen – Got To Be More Careful
    Stevie Wonder – I Wish
    Babyshambles – I Wish
    Stutta – Listen Carefully
    Roxette – One Wish
    Lina Prokofiev – Peter And The Wolf, Op. 67: And If One Would Listen Very Carefully…
    Richard Evans – Prologue: Be Careful What You Wish For
    Alien Ant Farm – Wish
    Roxette – Wish I Could Fly
    Nightwish – Wish I Had An Angel
    Metro Station – Wish We Were Older
    Incubus – Wish You Were Here
    Lionel Cohen – Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

  2. By the way my request for a recorder has been passed on to Santa without any problems

  3. I might just as well be audacious. Let's see what I can get away with. Can I have an electronic-organiser-cum-mobile-phone for my wife? Must support EDGE for fast access to the WWW. Perhaps some stockings too, made from the most sensuous silks and some choc. Since some musical instruments seem to pass the rules, saxophones for the elder children. An Xbox with Sims for the youngest. And, by way of a bribe, a new trumpet for Santa's little helper. How many of those did I get past Santa's gatekeeper?

  4. Dear Martincambell2,
    Thank you for taking part you may have: an electronic-organiser-cum-mobile-phone and chocs.
    Sadly the following items do not comply with the rules: stockings, saxophones x-box or the Sims. Thank you for requesting a trumpet for me I can have that to go with my recorder.
    Yours helpfully
    Grethic aka SLH

  5. Dear Santa
    Could I possibly have a green handbag and a tinsel hat?

  6. Dear Jaydubblah
    Thank you for taking part, you may have a handbag but not a green one and you may have a hat but not mad of tinsel. Would you like to modify your request?
    Yours helpfully
    Grethic aka SLH

  7. Dear Santa, I am feeling mighty hedonistic tonight, I hope this is not too hefty for you:

    A hamper with a whole Cheshire Cheese and a methusalah of champagne?

    And a Harp for Santa's helpers Choir...


  8. Dear Josordoni
    I love a hedonist as much as the next person; but sadly your requests are not obeying the rules. I cannot pass any of your requests on to Santa.
    Very sorry
    Grethic aka SLH

  9. Damn! I'll have to rethink now... and I thought I had it ...


  10. Dear SLH,

    Please may I have a cosy dressing gown - a nice pink wold be good. Then I can spend the four days all snuggled down and realaxed - alternatively four days in a luxury hotel will do! Oh and three points for ITFC on Saturday and Monday....

    Have I missed the point?

    Merry Christmas
    Thanks for keeping me company this past year - it's been fun xx

  11. Dear easternsparkle
    I know you have worked really hard and I would love to pass your messages on to Santa but here is the best I can do......
    You can have something pink but not a dressing gown; you can have luxury but not four days in a hotel and you can have three points but very sorry not for ITFC. I realise that at this point you may never speak to me again but them's the rules.
    Yours helpfully
    Grethic aka SLH

  12. doh - what does a girl have to do......

  13. Keep trying you'll get it eventually.....

  14. OK - second attempt, Dear SLH,

    I wish I could have a carefully chosen gift from Santa that he would choose especially for me and also that he would bring a very special present for our hostess Grethic - she's worked so hard to make us feel welcome - I think she would wish for something musical to go along with her recorder...

    I'm running out of time and ideas now.

    lots of love and stuff, Sparkle

  15. Dear Eastersparkle if Santa could choose a gift for you it might be silk pyjamas or Asian spices but something musical is far to vague for grethic.

    Have a great day tomorrow


  16. Dear Santa please may I have a clue

  17. Dear jaydubblah
    The only clue I can give you at this stage is to say that Santa is very particular about addressing letters properly.
    Yours helpfully
    Grethic AKA SLH

  18. Dear Santa, I'm not sure if I quite understand but here goes... May I please request some music? Particular CDs I'd like would be Live Lounge and Handel's Messiah, please. I'd also be very grateful for some new elegant underwear, if that isn't too cheeky. Thank you Santa xx

  19. Dear Humel
    My, my you have been a good girl! You may of course have your elegant underwear, Handel's Messiah. I have had a brief chat with Santa about the live lounge and he is feeling very generous; actually I think he is just too shattered to argue so he is letting that one through too.
    Yours Helpfully
    Grethic AKA SLH

  20. Thank you all for taking part. The rule was that you have to request things that start with a letter that is in your name. By that I mean the name you have used here.


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