Saturday, 12 December 2009

Something Completely Different – Party Girl tags

The theme for this week's something completely different is 'Party Girl' in the form of tags. Strange how things come together sometimes; first, I've let myself get sidetracked by a campaign marmite are running with the lure of one of their limited edition marmites as a reward. I haven't entered this tag as a separate entry but you can vote for me here. Years ago in Norwich there used to be a clothes shop called 'Your Granny Wouldn't Like It'; I quite like the idea of a party where the invite is that your 'ma might not like it'; everyone knows that you either love or hate marmite. Actually stop there; people may come here who haven't come across the stuff before. When someone asked me what it was I described it as black goo that you spread on toast. They sent me this link for marmite and road kill sarnies, which made me laugh, as people often assume my foraging includes road kill.

Secondly, I need to invite some more of my twitter lists to my imaginary 12 days of Christmas party [#12DCP]. This time I have added all those on my A-Z list. They are all in the public eye to some extent, but many of them are also on my other lists because the write, cycle, love food or whatever. Most of them are also great twitterers, which makes following them amusing. But how to get the tag to the A-Z listers, now there is a problem. I happened to have been listening to @markglennmurphy on Radio Suffolk when he read out a message from a listener who shared a cat with her neighbour. The cat had arrived at the listeners house today with a tag around its neck saying happy birthday. I also spent part of today at the hairdressers reading that auspicious academic journal 'OK' in which Victoria Beckham had two small pigs in her handbag; apparently the latest designer accessory (I won't comment on the virtue of small pigs as pets other than to say the bacon rashers would be very small and don't ask me to clean her handbag).

Here is the plan; I will hire a small team of fluffy kittens, little dogs and handbag sized pigs; attach the tags to their collars and put them through my A-Z listers cat flaps. I wonder if anyone of them will come. If you are an A-Z lister (or someone masquerading as one), what would you have me add to the playlist for the #12DCP, a track that will make you get up and boogie; also what little treasure will you bring along to amuse the guests?

Any crafters who are up for a challenge, I would still love some party invitation designs for a virtual 12 Days of Christmas Party.

Your Spotify playlist for this post is here and for non Spotify users I will put the details, as the list currently stands in the first comment to this post.


  1. The play list in words......
    Tracey Thorn – A-Z
    Hole – Boys On The Radio
    Weird Al Yankovic – Cable TV
    Brad Paisley – Celebrity
    Eddy Davis & Conal Fowkes – Celebrity
    Maria Bamford – Celebrity Homes
    The Friday Night Boys – Celebrity Life
    Swans – Celebrity Lifestyle
    Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Celebrity Sanctum
    Hole – Celebrity Skin
    Slow Club – Christmas TV
    Blur – Coffee And TV
    Lyte Funkie Ones – Girl On TV
    Liza Minnelli – Liza With A "Z" - Live
    Regina Spektor – On The Radio
    Twista – Overnight Celebrity - Edited Album Version
    Laurent Garnier – Pay TV - Radio Edit
    Beyoncé – Radio
    Studio 99 – Radio Gaga
    Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere
    Alf Prøysen – Tango For Tv
    Lily Allen – The Fear
    blink-182 – Tv
    The Misfits – TV Casualty
    Iggy Pop – TV Screen
    The Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star

  2. Great tag. Love the take on Party Girl. Thanks for playing at SCD

  3. Awww this is so different, love it! Love the Paddington video too!

    thanks for joining us on SCD


  4. Great tag. Not sure about Marmite tho!hehe... off to watch your VT. Thanks for joining us this week on Something Completely Different.

  5. what a kewl and unique tag chickie! great take on the challenge


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