Thursday, 17 December 2009

The North Wind Doth Blow – The World in the Middle of December – White Wine in the Sun anyone?

When I started my blog back in Mid May, I wasn't sure if I would a) keep it up and b) find a voice. In the meantime I have wittered on about all sorts of things, quite a lot of food, but all sorts of other stuff too, see the index of sorts on the right. The common theme tends to be the passing of the seasons. This time of year always finds me reflective, probably writing the Christmas letter has something to do with it. Certainly when I wrote the 2008 letter I did not expect to decide on a complete job change; a lot has happened this year. One of the pleasing sides of blogging is seeing that people choose to view the blog from around the globe. The map above is the analytics for the blog since it started. Not surprisingly mostly from English speaking countries and parts of Europe where I already have friends or family; but plenty of other places too. The one thing I haven't written much about is my love of all things map related, so one of my 12 days of Christmas blogs will redress that. In the meantime if you are keen on maps, mapping and cycling this is your official invite to join the 12 Days of Christmas Party #12DCP.

The wind is whistling around our house at the moment driving icy blasts from the North and we have had intermittent slow flurries today and yesterday with a severe weather warning for tonight and tomorrow. The complete opposite to the Tim Minchin White Wine in the Sun Christmas, he is attempting to challenge the x factor et al songs for the top spot – see what you think.

Spotify link for the post (doesn't include the Minchin) here - list in words in first comment.

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  1. Regina Spektor – 20 Years Of Snow
    MONO – Ashes In The Snow
    Tribute All Stars – Black Ice
    SnowgoonsIILL BillIApathy – Black Snow
    Britney Spears – Break The Ice - Main Version
    Foreigner – Cold As Ice
    Why? – Eskimo Snow
    Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow
    The New Pornographers – Hey, Snow White
    Omarion – Ice Box
    Ian Brown – Ice Cold Cube
    Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
    The Cribs – Last Year's Snow
    Michael Bublé – Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
    Shayne Ward – Melt The Snow
    The Horrors – New Ice Age
    Emiliana Torrini – Snow
    Orchestra Alec Medina – Snow - Hey Oh
    Explosions In The Sky – Snow And Lights
    Ace Frehley – Snow Blind
    Readymade FC – Snow Lion
    Anggun – Snow On The Sahara
    Evanescence – Snow White Queen
    Kings Of Convenience – Surprise Ice
    The Cure – The Real Snow White
    Camel – The Snow Goose - Instrumental Album Version
    Nomy – This Heart Of Ice
    Jordin Sparks – Walking On Snow - Main Version
    U2 – White As Snow


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