Friday, 4 December 2009

Party Planning – Please help

December seems like a great time for planning a party, I have set myself a little challenge, to have a virtual Party/Meme on the go for the 12 days of Christmas – of which more later. However, as usual the choices of guests, food, music and entertainment will take a little planning. So, let's start in the kitchen. It has been a good year on the food front, plenty of preserves and liquors have been prepared. The guest list will certainly include all those on my foodies twitter list. If you are on the list please let me know what you will bring to the virtual party, some food item, ideally some drink, which track should I add to the playlist to get you up and dancing and who your +1 will be?


  1. fantastic! I see you have some preserved lemons ready to be opened, I will gladly make another batch of virtual Kurdish Mega Kubba (dumplings) or even two :-)

  2. Yep, I'm game! How about sausage rolls made with Gloucester Old Spot sausage meat?

  3. I will bring a virtual Chestnut Tourinois but past experience has taught me to also being a label saying it is sweet, not savoury. It is chocolate and chestnut and orange and wonderful.
    Music - the bounciest record I know is Hey Mickey by Toni Basil, you can see it on YouTube. For a smooch if there are any virtual hunks coming how about "You go to my Head" by Bryan Ferry and when the grown ups kick off their shoues, put their feet up and drink coffee I like a bit of Sade in the background as the sun comes up. Here's what I will be wearing as I will have the virtual figure for it

  4. Got the link to my frock wrong Here it is, hope it works this time. And I'll bring some Cherry B and my +1 will be my hubby as all virtual parties are completely WF


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