Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Seventh Day of Christmas – Shall we go for a DIP?

Seven swans a swimming. I'd love to suggest we all pop down to Walberswick for a quick dip but despite the proximity of Sizewell I think most people would find it a tad bracing.

Swimming reminds me of swim lanes, beloved of those who do process mapping. The joy of the English language is that we have a tool with which we can communicate with people across whole swathes of the globe. We then put ourselves into a work context and promptly make everything we say unintelligible to anyone outside of the 'club'. Add to that a whole lexicon of acronyms, abbreviations and jargon; the subterfuge is complete.

Today a quick quest; what is your favourite cross over acronym, abbreviation or piece of jargon; something which in one world means one thing and in another means something else altogether? Mine is o/c in my podiatry life it meant onychocryptosis (ingrowing toenail) in medicine it means oral contraceptive, two things that are best not confused. As for DIP, in podiatry that would be distalinterphalangeal (end small toe or finger joint) for other meanings go here.

Your spotify list for today is here.

Please remember there is still time to enter any of the previous day's quests (and a prize draw). Effectively they start two days before Christmas with Santa's little helper.

If you are still in the leg challenge – two people have now cracked it and I am holding their responses to publish later what you need to know is that today 46 more legs were delivered; making 138 delivered so far.

I hope you are still enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas Party #12DCP


  1. The playlist in words for those without Spotify
    Camera Obscura – Swans
    Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra – Kats-Chernin: Wild Swans - Concert Suite - Eliza Aria
    Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake - Dance Of The Swans
    Prefab Sprout – Swans
    Islands – Swans (Life after death)
    Christy Moore – Two Island Swans - Live
    My Dying Bride – Turn Loose The Swans
    Passion Pit – Swimming In The Flood
    Brand New – Jaws Theme Swimming
    Little Dragon – Swimming
    Foals – Like Swimming
    Delain – Start Swimming
    Vetiver – Swimming Song

  2. For me it's a piece of radio jargon.

    I was an observer for mortars in a former military life. Basically it involved sending details of a target for the mortars to lob bombs at.

    Radio procedure was paramount. You never, ever said repeat if you didn't hear a transmission properly. Say again is for the sender to repeat their message as repeat was the instruction to send the last barrage again. Very dangerous when using HE (High Explosive) - wonder if HE means something else.

    I may leave HE to someone else though.


  3. Can't swim!
    Still in sync with you one the legs. Waiting for the day you are different to me, then I'll get it!

  4. Have I already said 928 or 930?

  5. I've been thinking about TLAs (three letter abreviations) and have decided my TLA of the moment is RCA - root cause analysis for the uninitiated. Basically a meeting to find out whose fault it all was when something went wrong!

    Happy New Year everybody!!

  6. I worked in publishing in my former life, and the one phrase that really narked me was the term "perfect bound".

    This is a way of binding that is much cheaper than the traditional stitched way, you simply cut the paper to size and dip it in a thick rubbery glue which is then stuck to the outer boards or paperback cover. Useless as the glue dries out the pages fall out.

    As imperfect as any form of binding can ever be. So why call it "perfect"? I never did get a good answer...


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